Case Studies

Procurement Management Solution, Haifa Port

Procurement process lengthening
“At Haifa Port, we were dealing with a lack of real-time information on the procurement processes status. More than that - we lacked transparency. In tender and agreement data and in alerts on upcoming deadlines. We were consumed by the paperwork and manual signatures on protocols and later had trouble finding and retrieving information.”

Procurement Management 365
”We chose Commugen’s solution because of the user interface. It is easy for us to manage the system with no help from IT or from the vendor. We could also easily adapt it to the needs of Haifa Port, and we got drill-down dashboards and reports of the highest level”.
“The solution is comprehensive and enabled us to analyze processes, to compare planning to execution, and to better integrate the customers of our procurement and logistics division in the tender and RFQ (Request for Quotation) processes.

Effective Procurement Management
Cutting edge technology, easy to adapt and implement, and a professional team with a great service”
”We have found a system that is easy to work with, and which our customers in the organization readily adopt. Commugen's team is committed to provide great service and do real-time troubleshooting when necessary”
”The solution shortens process times, contributes to the transparency of processes, and presents data in real time. In such a way, that we now see things that we did not know about before. It serves as an integrative solution for the division's customers, saving questions and time.
”The entrepreneurs and the project managers use the system to request budgets, while the purchasing and logistics department know in advance what projects are coming their way, and can prepare accordingly. We use the solution in management meetings, as the system gives a unified view of the status all tender and Requests for Quotation processes, from which we can quickly access any relevant information.”


Eran Fastman
Head of Purchasing and Logistics Division
Finance - Haifa Port Company Ltd

Work Plan Management – the Municipality of Tel Aviv Yafo

The Problem

Managers deemed work plan management not important because of obsolete software

“The municipality of Tel-Aviv Yafo used a system that was developed internally. We suffered from difficulty to make the needed changes as our work evolved.”

“The user interface was outdated, new needs were not addressed and new processes could not be implemented. Our users were unhappy with that.”


The Solution

Work Plan Management 365

“We chose Commugen’s solution for the ability to address the ever changing needs of the municipality, the agility in making these changes, the Outlook integration, the integrated BI tools and the personal customization of dashboards.”

“The solution is intuitive. It is like working on the Internet. Very easy to use. It is very flexible, and can be easily adapted to local organizational needs. The end user can produce, change and filter reports and dashboards.


The Result

Efficient and effective work plan management

“The system includes built-in management guidance, which enables the monitoring of achieving organizational goals via the annual work plan. Using Work Plan Management 365 significantly increased our user base, and we effectively manage all work plan related tasks.”

“Working with the application is simple. Change requests from the users are addressed immediately. The system is personalized to each user, which see just data relevant to them. There are alerts to tasks and upon completion - built-in reporting to all relevant parties. The Outlook integration makes everybody part of the process. Management has a system-wide view and can monitor progress on-line.

“Another advantage of using Commugen’s solution is the ability to change requirements during the implementation phase, without affecting the project timeline. The flexibility of the underlying technology can accommodate these changes”.

“Commugen’s staff is attentive, professional and fun to work with. It is evident that Commugen puts the customer in the center, and that its top priority is a satisfied customer.


Israel Forma
Director - Municipal Planner Office
Tel Aviv - Yafo Municipality

Budget and Project Management in Rahat Municipality

The Problem

Slow and unshareable Excel work

“In the past, most of our information and data was in Excel or in physical binders at the office. This made retrieving and finding information a slow process.”

“Using Excel was highly inefficient, unprogressive and and an unwise choice; it made simultaneous, collaborative work very difficult.”

The Solution

Work Plan and Budget Management 365

“Commugen’s program allowed us maximal flexibility and customizability to our own needs, something which was not found in competing products.

In addition, the program’s interface is so simple that it was very easy to implement the system among non-tech-savvy workers”

The Result

Significant progression municipality performance due to the program. More projects are completed with greater efficiency.

“Switching to the program made our work significantly more efficient, almost completely eliminated errors based on mistaken information, and improved collaboration between managers.”

“The fact that our tech-support is from technical staff rather than service personnel speeds up solutions.”

“My favourite feature is the search function. In the past, we often had to spend two hours, and even a full business day, in order to find information that is found today in the program.. Nowadays, we find exactly what we want instantly.

Lior Levin
Mayor Assistant for Project Management
Rahat municipality

Compliance in Altschuler Shacham

The Problem

Control difficulties and forgotten tasks

“We used Excel and had control difficulties, and we were inefficient. The tasks were only partially performed, mostly because they were forgotten at the party in-charge.”


The Solution

Compliance 365

“The solution answered our needs and goals. We added other purposes to the product as well, in fields we hadn’t previously thought to deal with using Commugen’s solutions”

“The solution is user-friendly. In fact, in light of its simplicity we chose not to formally train our staff, and it worked.”


The Result

“The system catalyzed a change in the organizational culture of compliance and helped to fully achieve business objectives.”

Commugen’s excellent team has enabled us throughout the years to deal, with every difficulty or shortcoming quickly and efficiently”


Ofer Gazit

Compliance Officer