Commugen Services

Writing software to satisfy a business need is an art. It is a complex and uncertain process.
Commugen offers an alternative: Commugen’s no-code platform – use it yourself, via a partner or use Commugen’s customer success services.

New system reception process:

Translating business needs to an information system

Commugen’s team has experience and expertise in business problem solving.
This leads as an accurate translation of business needs to an information system.

Building the Solution

Commugen’s technology allows building a solution for a business need.
Usually re-using methodologies and entities used in creating an existing solution.

Converting existing information

Commugen’s technology easily interfaces to a variety of systems and platforms,
ranging from Excel files to SAP. Thus, existing information or timely updates can be
integrated from other systems.


Commugen solutions serve dozens of companies and thousands
of users. User diversity made Commugen develop and implement
effective implementation methodologies.

Continuous Adaptation

The unique flexibility of Commugen’s platform is geared towards business user
independence. It enables continuous adaptations of the solution according to the
changing needs of the business without programming or IT people.