Contract Management 365

Commugen's Contract Management 365 allows you to ensure that all suppliers comply with signed contract requirements: timetables, prices, quantities and quality requirements, maintenance, renewal etc.

It enables a clear and up-to-date presentation of the information required to ensure that all aspects of a contract are respected and fulfilled.

What are the building blocks of Contract Management 365?

  1. Manage contract from start to finish
    Ability to manage the contract from signing of the contract to its continuous fulfilment.

  2. Easy Documentation and retention of information
    Create a new contract or change an existing one. Each contract is linked to stockholders, providers, requesting department and time-tables.

  3. Smart progress updates
    Continuous update on contract approval, modifications, cancellation and irregularities in supplier's compliance. Every user can set automated alerts, assignments, notifications, and more. It stores every detail for later assessment.

  4. Visual Representation
    Present all contracts and performance status in a graphical view, with an effective drill-down to all information items.

What does Commugen's Contract Management 365 include?

The solution handles linked information elements including:

Contract Management 365