Project Management 365

Every manager needs to manage projects in order to better use and monitor progress, budget and human resources.

Commugen's Project Management 365 is tailored to the dynamics of each department and each organization. It supports projects from initiation through all milestones e.g. development, implementation and maintenance.

What Are the Benefits of Project Management 365?

  1. Visual display of progress status

    Consolidation of all project progress information, presented in flexible dashboards. Visual dashboards are also presented at the project level, with ability to drill down to a specific milestone or task.

  2. All information detail in one place

    All tasks, meetings, working hours and employee's details are presented in one place. In addition, it is easy to save and connect documents, images, and information to every task, allowing continuous progress analysis.

  3. Preventing delays in the project progress
  4. Supports the classification of every task or goal e.g. by urgency, deadline and person in charge, thus allowing avoiding risk of delays and identification of tasks requiring immediate attention.

What does Commugen's project Management solution include?

The solution handles linked information elements including:

Project Management