Vendor Management 365

No organization is an island. It relies on vendors for many activities. Thus, managing vendors’ availability in crisis and information security are crucial.

Vendor Management 365 manages all vendors security surveys and allows to continuously monitor vulnerabilities and compliance

What are the building blocks Vendor Management 365?

  1. Vendors and information access inventory
    Save all vendors details connected with asset and information access, past and planed surveys, discovered exposures and correction status – all in one place.
  2. Risk Analysis
    Classify vendors and information access according to potential vulnerabilities and risks. Identify which vendor experience repeated exposures and when was the last security survey of every service provider.

  3. Visual display of security status
    Vendor Information Security 365 presents all relevant information from any required angle: regulation, risk, vendor, survey performer, status etc. in a flexible graphical view.


What does Vendor Management 365 include?

The solution handles linked information elements including:

Vendor Management BCM