Cybersecurity Management

The increased cyber-attacks and the damages that accompany them, has made cybersecurity a central issue for organizations. Without an appropriate solution that coordinates all the information and risk scenarios, the organization exposes itself to significant losses.

Through customizable dashboards and clear reports, Commugen's cybersecurity management 365 enables the monitoring of threats from external entities (hackers, competitors), exposures from within the organization (malicious tampering) as well as entities linked to the organization (suppliers with access to the organization's systems).

What are the building blocks of Commugen's cybersecurity 365?

  1. Cyber Risks Linked to Asset Inventory
    Commugen's Solution maintains a hierarchical organizational structure, that is correlated with processes and dependent assets. Each resource is linked to potential risks and possible cyber exposures.

  2. Business exposure Analysis
    Commugen's Solution supports the classification of risks by threat categories, thus allowing identification of threats requiring immediate treatment.

  3. Conducting investigations and lessons learned
    Commugen's Solution supports a comprehensive framework for conducting investigations and lessons learned from past cyber breaches, thus enabling remediation to work processes.

  4. Implementation of procedures for reducing risks
    Commugen's Solution allows setting cybersecurity policies throughout the organization. Making sure each employee is familiar with the latest version and acts according to policy in his field of work.

What does Commugen's Cybersecurity Management 365 solution include?

The solution handles linked information elements including:

Cyber Security management