Middle Office

Commugen's Middle Office 365 is a key tool for the Middle Office Management. Middle Office 365 controls risks associated with position keeping and transaction control in the middle office.

What Does Middle Office 365 include?

• Importing and mapping all trade transactions to a unified database
• Rule-based alerts on irregular transactions
• Incident Management of irregular transactions
• Real-time Dashboards to track all middle office activities
• Task Management
• Lessons Learned
• Automatic support for manual transaction entry

Analytics and BI

• Flags irregular transitions using business rules engine
• Create web reports according to any parameter or parameter set e.g. transaction number, system type, client, portfolio, stockbroker, dates, etc.
• Analyze all available data on irregular transactions
• Develop and track Key Risk Indicators
• Avoid de-focusing by using a built-in archive
• Document and implement lessons learned and best practices, to improve efficiency and reduce operational risks

Business Processes

• Easily adaptable
• Build-in connectors to various trading systems, e.g. GFI Fenics, Misys Summit etc