Quality Management

Commugen Quality Management is a modular solution for organizational quality management, which provides simple and clear working tools to the worker and manager that are in charge of the organization's quality of action, the cycle of plan-do-check-act. The solutions serves quality officers, security officers and organization management.

What Does Quality Management Solution Enable?

• The use of the organizational terms and information structures: the subjects that the organization handles, the products, the costumers, etc… example: business client
• Emphasize the processes that the quality system supports example: extending credit to a business client
• Receive reports from all organizational sources, tracking exceptions that derives from operational risks
• Automatically informs of any person of interest, according to exception details and field (security, human resources, legal department, marketing…)
• Managing and reporting tools that facilitate the control of the processes and provide a complementary solution to the organizational information management

What Work Processes Does the Quality Management Solution Support?

• Procedures module includes morphological search and an automatic table of content, which facilitate the search and retrieval of the requested information.
• The template layout can display information structures that adjust to the organizational terminology and taxonomy
• The module of learned lessons and insights includes subscription to content, distribution functionality and a "read & sign" functionality