SOX 365

When public companies around the world are required to verify the correctness of their financial reporting, they abide by the SOX regulation.

SOX is the formal assessment and documentation of the company's internal controls effectiveness over financial reporting.

In order to meet these requirements the CFO aspires to see a visual up-to-date map of the internal controls and their effectiveness.

SOX 365 enables CFO to find efficiently and effectively any discrepancies between SOX requirements and current company compliance.

What building blocks of SOX 365 help the CFO?

  1. All controls are managed in one place
    Manage a large number of controls in different stages of process form various departments in one visual view.

  2. All relevant information is linked and accessible
    Every control is linked to relevant SOX risks, regulations, tests, files etc.

  3. Smart progress updates
    Continuous visual update on tests results, failed controls corrections and controls optimizations. Augmented with automated alerts, assignments, notifications and more.

  4. Visual display of progress status
    SOX 365 visually presents all relevant information from any angle: regulation, risk, department, performance status etc.

What does SOX 365 include?

The solution handles linked information elements including: