Information Security Management

Lack of sufficient security may compromise the information of the organization and that of its customers.

Commugen's Information Security Management 365 is a comprehensive solution to address both ISO 27001 information security standard, and applicable information security regulations.

What Are the Benefits of Information Security Management 365?

  1. Information, Process and Asset Inventory
    Commugen's Solution maintains a hierarchical organizational structure that is correlated with Business Information, processes and dependent assets. Each resource is linked to potential risks and exposures and updated with the latest Information security surveys results.

  2. Information Risk Analysis
    Each Information asset is classified according to level of impact on business processes, possible risks, crisis scenarios and responsible employees. It thus enables the identification of assets requiring immediate attention or ongoing inspection.

  3. Information Security Survey Management
    All security surveys records are maintained for each resource. It contains vulnerabilities and corrective actions. Thus it provides a top-level view of information security compliance.


What does Commugen's Information Security Management solution include?

The solution handles linked information elements including:

Information Security Management